Wedding At The 101 In Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA


The 101, located in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA, is a great wedding venue with advantageous features for your wedding photos:

  1. Historical Charm: Situated in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, The 101 benefits from the area’s architecture and cobblestone streets, providing unique and unique backgrounds for wedding photos.
  2. Urban Landscape: The venue offers views of Seattle’s urban landscape, including iconic landmarks such as the Smith Tower and Puget Sound. These views capture the essence of the city during the day for family photos or during golden hour for couples’ photos.
  3. Industrial Chic Interiors: The 101’s interior design features elements of industrial chic, with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and contemporary finishes. These aesthetic details contribute to a trendy yet timeless backdrop for your wedding photos, with a gorgeous white background.
  4. Flexible Spaces: The 101 accommodates various wedding sizes and preferences. Couples can choose from a selection of settings that best suit their vision, ensuring personalized and memorable photo opportunities.
  5. Proximity to Photo Opportunities: Pioneer Square and its surrounding neighborhood offer numerous photo opportunities within walking distance of The 101. From historic buildings and art installations to waterfront views and lush parks, couples have a diverse array of scenic backdrops to choose from for their wedding photos.

The 101 in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA, provides a blend of historical charm, urban landscape views, industrial chic interiors, flexible event spaces, and proximity to photo opportunities, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking distinctive and captivating wedding photos.

Venue: The 101 // Videography: Solefire Films

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