Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding – Seattle, WA


Olympic Sculpture Park, situated in Seattle, WA, offers a unique and captivating setting for your wedding first look and bridal party photos:

  1. Artistic Backdrops: The park features a diverse collection of contemporary sculptures and art installations by renowned artists, providing an artistic and visually stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The sculptures add interest, texture, and depth to the images, creating memorable and one-of-a-kind compositions.
  2. Scenic Views: Located along the waterfront, Olympic Sculpture Park offers panoramic views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, downtown Seattle, and the Space Needle. These breathtaking vistas serve as picturesque backdrops for wedding photos, capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscape.
  3. Natural Beauty: The park is landscaped with native plants, trees, and gardens, creating a lush and serene environment that enhances the beauty of wedding photos. The natural elements add color, texture, and tranquility to the images, providing a timeless and romantic backdrop for couples.
  4. Variety of Settings: Olympic Sculpture Park offers a variety of settings for wedding photography, including open meadows, wooded areas, paved pathways, and scenic overlooks. Couples have the flexibility to choose the perfect location within the park to suit their style and preferences, ensuring diverse and dynamic photo opportunities.
  5. Proximity to Urban Attractions: Situated near downtown Seattle, the park is conveniently located close to urban attractions, including restaurants, hotels, and cultural landmarks. Couples can easily incorporate these iconic cityscape elements into their wedding photos, adding depth and context to their visual storytelling.

Overall, Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA, stands out as an exceptional wedding photography location due to its artistic backdrops, scenic views, natural beauty, variety of settings, and proximity to urban attractions. Couples can expect to capture unforgettable moments against a backdrop that is both visually striking and culturally significant.

Hot tips:

Be sure you and your photographer check and make sure there’s no events currently for the date and time you would like to do wedding photos here! The afternoon sun can be bright, and there is a spot called “The Valley” which offers more shade for more flattering wedding photos. To get here, walk towards the red art piece “The Eagle” and when you get towards the end of the walkway where it takes a sharp left, take a right into the bushes instead.

Other good photo spots at Olympic Sculpture Park include¬†Myrtle Edwards Park, although it may be a far walk for the bride and bridesmaids in heels and could be a long, hot and sweaty walk during the summer time. I prefer shooting in the shade instead in “The Valley”. The Paccar Pavilion could also be another option for photos as it’s indoors but again, make sure there are no events booked for the day you want to do wedding photos there. According to their website, the pavilion is open seven days a week from 9am-4pm but please check Google Maps or the Olympic Sculpture Park website for updated hours or holiday closures, just in case.

For transportation to the park, I would recommend parking on the east side of Western Ave, facing north or telling the bridal party to meet at the southeast entrance of the park across from The Audrey at Belltown Apartments. There is also parking available at the Paccar Pavilion Garage. The entrance to the parking garage is on the southeast corner of the park at Broad St and Western Ave. The garage also is a good photo opportunity spot with good lighting away from the harsh sun during the day time, with a concrete backdrop.

Venue: Olympic Sculpture Park

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